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Clean drinking water

Fresh water is crucial for drinking, cooking, and other aspects of modern life. Yet more than 2 billion of the earth’s 76 billion inhabitants lack clean drinking water.

We at Step-Dynamics will be able to partner with you to tackle the growing demand for clean water.

Domestic filtration solutions

There is always that one thing missing from our home kitchen: an instant purification system capable of providing you with clean, sterilized water for the health of you and your Family. These systems are small in size and easy to install and manage.

Step-Dynamics is capable of supplying you with one at any time. Start enjoying good health today.

Commercial solutions

Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge trying to establish consistent profit-making mechanisms for your water business. We are here to support you through the design, supply, and installation of new purification systems and support components, as well as maintaining them for you.

Step-Dynamics will also do proper follow-ups to ensure the longevity and performance of your system.

Green Energy

A change in climatic patterns will only worsen our global water crisis. Clean, renewable energy sources like the sun and wind will keep your system running without having to worry about environmental impacts while still supplying the world’s most important commodity.

We do supply and install grid-tied and off-grid systems for both Domestic and Industrial applications.

Live better with green.


The only way to know whether your water is good for consumption is through proper analysis.

In partnership with government-certified laboratories, we are able to carry out analytical procedures and provide the best solution through consultation and service delivery.

Process pumps

Without a pumping device, it’s never possible to move fluids through a network of pipes.

At Step-Dynamics, we are capable of designing and sizing pumps for Industrial and Domestic requirements. This will not only lengthen pump life but also ensure optimum performance.


Reverse Osmosis systems


To deal with impurities in water, Reverse Osmosis technology is so far one of the best methods on the market.

We supply and install both brackish and seawater reverse osmosis systems at your doorstep.

Power Generators

For both stand-by and continuous operations, we have vast experience in the installation and maintenance of power generators ranging from sizes to brands.

Domestic and Industrial installations

Electrical appliances and lights need some form of link to the power source. This is where we come in.

Step-Dynamics picks the best solution for your installation needs as well as follows up on proper maintenance.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk and help provide the best solutions for your water and energy challenges.